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Work and Game From Home

What equipment do I need to have my own home office and still be able to game when I am not working? How do I know which cables to buy? How do I setup dual monitors? What if I use an Apple Mac®? 

All of these questions are important ones to ask, since not many of us have a personal IT professional we can call. The Monoprice Technical Support team is well trained and fully qualified to help you determine exactly what you need, but we wanted to put together a brief overview of which equipment you might need for your specific situation. 

Work by Day, Game by Night: All work and no play makes for a dull existence. When your work day is done, fire up your favorite video game to relax with some fun. No matter which level of office setup you use, a few alternative options can make your computer ready for both work and gaming. 

  • Gaming Keyboard: Many gamers prefer the precision and feel of a good mechanical or optical/mechanical keyboard. Available with a variety of key types, from quiet and linear to clicky, with tactile and/or audible click feedback. Mechanical keyboards can help reduce typing strain caused by bottoming out a membrane-based keyboard and improves gaming speed by allowing key activation at the midpoint of a full keystroke. 

  • Gaming MouseA gaming mouse offers a variety of dpi settings, which can speed up or slow down tracking for fast action or improved precision at the touch of a button. Many gaming mice offer custom weight options, so you can increase or reduce the mouse weight for just the right feel. Some gaming mice also offer additional buttons, allowing for game functions to be assigned to a mouse button. 

  • Gaming Monitor: Unlike ordinary monitors, a gaming monitor features ultrafast refresh rates, superior color reproduction, and extended contrast ratios. You can still work on a gaming monitor, but gain the benefits of the gaming specific features. Note, for best gaming performance, a monitor using a DisplayPort® connection with the AMD® FreeSync™ feature offers superior video response when playing fast paced games and watching fast action movies. 

  • Gaming Headset with Microphone: Most games feature advanced audio environments, with 3D placed audio cues to let you know what is going on around you, such as footsteps from behind that let you know an enemy is trying to sneak up on you. These audio cues require the use of surround sound to properly place the cues in 3D space. A good surround sound gaming headset can immerse you into the game and improve your gaming abilities. 

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