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How To Restring

If your guitar is not playing right, it is best to start with a new set of strings. As strings age they become “out of round” meaning they are no longer perfectly cylindrical and have flat spots that do not oscillate properly. New strings also give a good base to make your adjustments to.

Remove old strings

  • Loosen all strings
  • Cut strings in half
  • Unwind strings from Tuning Pegs
  • Remove strings from Bridge

Feed new strings over saddles

All California, Retro, and Classic models accept strings from the back of the guitar.

How To Restring(California models may require removal of back plate)

66 DLX models are strung through the tailpiece.


Acoustic guitars use pins to hold the strings in place.

Pull string through the hole in the Tuning Peg. 

Make sure to leave enough slack in the string to allow for 2-3 wraps around the Tuning Peg.


Tune guitar desired pitch.

  • Standard-EADGBE
  • Drop D-DADGBE
  • Drop C-CGCFAD
  • Drop B-BF#BEG#C#

Stretch strings and play for a while so the strings settle in place.

Tune once more if needed.

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