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How do I start my first print with the Mini 3D printer?

To start your first print with the MP Select Mini 3D Printer:
*Remove the supporting tape and packaging ties after unboxing the printer.
*Plug the printer into an outlet with the provided power cable.
*With the LCD display facing towards you, insert the provided SD card into the right side of the printer.
*Press the switch on the back of the printer to power it on.
*Squeeze the tab tension spring on the Feed Mechanism and insert the filament into the feed motor.  Once you feel resistance as it hits the extruder, release the tab.
*Use the Selector Wheel to highlight the Print entry in the menu and press the wheel to select it.
*Select one of the available print files on the SD card.
*Wait for the extruder to heat up and start the print.
*Stay and watch the first layers to ensure the print does not fail.  Should you run into issues, please refer to our troubleshooting steps listed in the Related Topics section below.
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