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Why is my printer not reading my SD card?

If the SD card is not recognized on the printer or if the files are not reading, it could be an issue with the actual card itself. The first thing we recommend checking is that none of the print files on the SD card contain a space in their name. This shows in the printer as an unidentified character and can cause issues. If none of your prints contain spaces, we recommend reformatting your SD card. To reformat the card, please perform the following steps for your computer's operating system:

   For Windows
*Insert your SD card into your computer. If you do not have an SD card port, using a USB adapter will work as well.
*Find the SD card in your Computer window under Devices with Removable Storage.
*Right click on the SD card to bring up the menu options.
*Select Format.
*In the format window, make sure the format file is set to FAT32 and quick format is selected.
*Click Start.

   For Mac
*Connect your SD card to your computer. Using an external card reader will also work if needed.
*Open your Disk Utility.
*Search for your SD card on the left side of the window.
*Click the tab labeled Erase.
*Expand the Format dropdown menu and select MS-DOS (FAT).
*Click Erase.

Note:  If you choose to purchase an SD card, please make sure that it is not labeled HC (High Capacity) as it may not be compatible with the printer. This means that the card must be smaller than 4GB in size.
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