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Quick Start Guide Voxel

Safety Warnings & Guidelines: 

Please read the user manual before using this device, paying extra attention to the safety warnings and guidelines.

Quick Start Guide

Out of the box, the Voxel 3D Printer is ready to print; but like all 3D Printers, there is a workflow involved in getting started. This guide is to assist you in getting the printer up and running for the first time.

Please open the package and verify the package contents; if any items are missing, please contact the Technical Support Team for further assistance. Package should include the following:

  • Voxel 3D Printer
  • 1 Spool of Filament
  • AC Power Cord
  • 1x Package of grease
  • 1x Screw Driver
  • 1x Unclogging tool
  • 1x Allen Wrench
  • User Manual

Next, plug in the unit and turn it on. You will be greeted with an audible tone and brought to the Home screen of the printer. (This tone can be turned off later if you choose to do so).


  • First step in the printer’s operation is to Calibrate the Machine by clicking Tools, Settings, and then Calibration. The machine will begin pre-adjusting to the correct height after Homing first.
  • You will then be prompted to use the on screen arrows to adjust the nozzle height so that it just touches the platform. It is recommended to use a piece of paper below the nozzle, and as you adjust down you should feel resistance from the nozzle touching the paper but still move freely.
  • Once done, press OK on the screen, and once more when it reads Complete, and this will store the setting and the extruder will return to its home position. The On Screen Display will return to the Settings menu.
  •     Loading the Filament
  • Now that the Calibration is complete, the next thing you will do is pre-heat the nozzle so that filament can be fed into the extruder.
  • Click Filament, and select Load. In this menu the printer will begin to preheat the nozzle to 235 degrees Celsius.
  • * While the extruder is preheating, its good practice to cut the end of the filament being loaded to a 45-degree angle or so it is to a point.
  • Once the nozzle has completed the preheat, to insert the filament you will open the side door on the right side of the printer by pulling the handle, and place the filament on the spool holder located inside the printer. You will need to insert the filament into the feeding wheel on the top left of the opening until there is some resistance.  The feed is marked with a yellow arrow.
  • Now the printer will begin feeding the filament into the extruder.  This will be a slow process as you do not want to cause damage to any components while loading. Once the filament has appeared from the nozzle, allow 2 to 3 inches of filament to pass through the nozzle successfully, this will clear any excess filament from Factory test prints. Press OK once finished, and return to the home screen by pressing the back arrow on the bottom of the display.
  • Printing
  • Now that you have the filament loaded and the bed calibrated, you can go to the Build menu and select Internal Memory then select the test print “20mm_box-PLA.gx”. 


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