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Unclogging the MP Mini Delta

Unclogging the Mini Delta printer is different than our other 3D printers. The following steps will demonstrate how to do so:

  • Remove the filament on the spool all the way out of the printer. Preheating the printer to 210C should make this easier.
  • Once it has cooled off, bring the extruder down manually. (This is with the printer unplugged and off.)
  • You will then press down on the circular blue tab where the white PTFE tube goes into the extruder, and at the same time you will carefully pull the tube up and out of the extruder assembly
  • Cut a piece of filament from the spool that measures between 8- 10 inches. Do not cut at an angle. Cut straight across.
  • Heat up the extruder between 215-225 degrees Celsius and push the filament by hand directly through the blue tab and apply pressure to try and push out whatever filament is clogging the nozzle. This may take upward of a couple of minutes depending on the severity of the clog.
  • The filament should be flowing freely without curling. Now, before you pull the piece of filament out, please bring the temperature down to about 195 degrees Celsius and give it a quick pull out to take out any excess filament particles still inside. (This is considered an Atomic pull) You may need to do this pull a couple of time to clear the inside of the extruder well.
  • Once you have done so and removed the filament, please carefully push the circular blue tab down again and at the same time reinsert the tube.

This is should solve the issue with the clog and at this point you should be ready to start printing again!

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