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What do I do if my printer's nozzle is clogged?

The most common way to clean out a clogged nozzle is by inserting a wire through the print head to help push any stuck filament out. Two types of wire can be used here, 0.35mm thick piano wire or 0.28mm guitar string. In either case you will need to:

*First preheat the print head.

*Once preheated, push the wire in from above the heat sink. Please make sure not to force the wire through as doing so can damage the printer.

*Gently use a sawing motion to clean out any remaining burnt filament.

Another method to clean out simple clogs from your printer is by forcing filament through to push out any clog and clean out any residue. In the 3D printer community, this is called the "atomic pull method". To do this:

*Heat up your extruder to the optimal temperature for your filament (210°c for PLA).

*When heated up, remove any filament that can be pulled out of the feed tube.

*Take a small portion of your filament (we recommend using a filament with a higher melting point like ABS if you are cleaning out PLA) and force it into the nozzle until you only see the color filament you are feeding through.

*Next, change the nozzle temperature down to around 90 degrees and allow the printer to reach temperature.

*Once the temperature is reached, maintain pressure on the filament for at least 2 minutes.

*Pull the filament out of the nozzle from the top to help clear out leftover debris in the process.

*Repeat as necessary.

Should neither of these methods work, our last suggestion would be to use a small hand drill. The hand drill would need to go in from the bottom of the nozzle and be used in a slow spinning motion to clean it out. Again, please make sure not to force this method to avoid damaging the nozzle.

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