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How do I set up the MP Voxel Printer’s Ethernet Connection?

The MP Voxel 3D printer’s main printing methods are; Wi-Fi connection, Ethernet, or Flash Drive. To print over Ethernet, you will want to do the following steps:

  • Be sure the MP Voxel is plugged into the power source and power on the printer.
  • Once on the Main menu, select Tools.
  • Next you will select Network.
  • Now Select Ethernet.
  • When the Ethernet Screen opens, the printer will attempt to establish a connection with the network. If it fails, you will be prompted to connect the printer to the network using the Ethernet Cable. Once a connection is established, the screen will indicate that the connection was successful.
  • The next step will require the MP FlashPrint software. If you have not already installed this, please do so from the MP Voxel’s product page found on making sure to select the version that works for you. Once you have done that, please follow the steps below.
  • On the LCD touchscreen menu of the MP Voxel select Tools.
  • Then select About.
  • At this point you will locate the IP Address that is on page 2. (Note this number for future steps).
  • Now open MP Flashprint.
  • When the software opens, select Print in the top left corner of the software.
  • From the drop-down select Connect Printer.
  • A pop up will appear, be sure the drop down list is on Ethernet.
  • Here enter the IP Address you located in step 3 and enter it into the IP Address (Port) window.
  • Now click Connect.
  • If everything was done correctly, the MP Voxel Icon in the lower right corner should change from grey to blue. This means you are ready to start printing!
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