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How would I set up Print Servers?

For the print servers, to solve one person’s issue with the one of them, we would require having them check to see if they had a couple of services enabled. Specifically the services LPR and LPD.

On windows vista and window 7 the feature can be found under the “Programs and Features” and under “Turn Windows features on and off.” In the new window under “Print Services” there are two boxes, check the boxes for LPD and LPR and allow Windows to do its thing if these boxes are not checked. After that has been completed then I had the client go through the setup that we now have for the print servers and that worked out for them.

If you are using Windows XP those features can be found under “Add/Remove Programs” and then under Add/Remove Windows Components.” Find “Other network Files and Printer Services” and put a check mark in it.
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