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How do I perform Port Triggering on the N600 Dualband Gigabit High-powered Wireless Router? (PID 10926)

What will need to be done is to create a virtual server under the forwarding section in the settings.

Use the "Internal Host IP address" of the device which requires the port to be forwarded.

Select the internal port and the external port as the ports that are required to be opened up.

Select "Add". Your rule will populate in the list below.

From there, navigate to "port triggering" under "Forwarding".

Select a Predefined trigger rule, insert your description,

Insert for the trigger ports the ports required to be opened up.

he first box is the starting port, and the last box is the ending port. If only one port is just going to be opened, for example port 560, select 560-560.

Finally for the forward port enter in 560 to open the port externally. Click add.

From there, ensure the lists have been populated, and then restart the router and the modem. You can use a tool such as to confirm whether the ports are open.
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