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Issues with the Pen

If you are having trouble with your tablet's pen, give these a try.

Battery Operated

 It is possible that the battery has expired.  If the battery has expired then you will just need to replace it.  Just gently twist the portion where the front and back of the pen meet to unlock the pen, then ease the two portions away from each other.  If You notice that the metal portion that holds the battery is bent back or askew, then you will need to gently bend it back into place.  If the metal bracket is bent then it may not be making contact with both the positive and negative points on the battery and will not be taking any power from the battery.  When that happens then pen will not function at all.  You can use the following as a reference.

Rechargeable Pen

For our rechargeable pens, make sure that the pen is charged.  If the pen is fully charged and you are still not seeing any response from the pen with the tablet, then we will want to check the charger.  For the Pens that charge with a USB cable, you will simply test the pen with another USB cable, however, for Pens using a specialty adapter, you will need make sure that the LED indicators are coming on as Red, for charging, or Green for charged.

Pen Tip

If the pen has a full battery or is charged and you are not getting a reaction from the pen, or are perhaps getting strange or sporadic reactions, then you will want to change the tip of the pen.  All of our tablets come with a small packet of replacement pen tips for usage once the installed tip has become too worn.  When you are ready to change the pen tip, you will simply need to pull the tip out of the pen using tweezers or the tip removal tool that came with the tablet.  Then you will install the new pen tip by simply pushing the broad end into the slot until only the coned tip and a small portion of the cylinder remain.

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