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Common Driver issues

All of our tablets require driver software to function properly.  Many of the issues our tablets may encounter can be solved by installing, removing,  reinstalling, or updating the drivers for the tablet.  While all of the tablets come with a disc with the required software on them, it may not always be up to date.

To find more up to date software, go to the product page for the tablet you purchased.  Under the title 'Support Files' you will find more up to date drivers for Mac and Windows, along with digital versions of the user's manual.   There you will find a step by step guide on how to properly install your tablet’s driver.

Before you begin installation make sure that you do not have the tablet plugged into the computer or Mac.

1) Uninstall

Uninstall ALL previous drivers for any other tablet devices.  This may include, older versions of your current tablet, drivers you may have for other tablets, or both from Monoprice and any other manufacturer.

On PC, please disable automatic driver updates.  If automatic driver updates are enabled,  then Windows may constantly try to update the driver with its own Tablet drivers.  This will make the tablet  incompatible.

Once you are certain you have removed any tablet drivers from your system, please  restart your computer.  Once the restart has finished you can begin installation.

2) Installation

Once the device has restarted you are ready to install.  Open the downloaded file from our product page and move them to a folder on your desktop.

Once the files have been extracted you will want to run the application.  Please follow the steps that the application gives you to install the drivers.

Once the application has finished installing the drivers, it’s time to restart your computer again.

3) Usage

When the computer restarts plug your tablet in.

The installation will be successful if you are able to use the tablet as an interfacing device, just like your mouse or track pad.

To test the tablet open a program of your choice, Photoshop or Paint Tool is a common program to use, but it can work with any device that applies a mouse.

Congratulations!  Your tablet should now be up and running.  Enjoy!

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