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What are the top benefits for a smarter home?

  • Convenience: Manage all your devices from one app. There’s no need to jump in an out of multiple apps to control different devices. With one touch of a button you can turn off all lights or smart sockets in the house.
  • Accessibility and Remote access: Even when you’re on the couch or away from home, you have 24/7 access to monitor your appliances and electronics anywhere, anytime. This is perfect for families to share the controls with one another or for an elder member that may struggle with reaching their light switches.
  • Energy efficient: Know exactly which appliances are on or off and turn them on or off whenever you want. Depending on the time of the day, you can dim your lights or adjust your thermostat to conserve power.
  • Increased security: Be the first to know. Set instant notifications or alerts directly to your phone or tablet whenever a device is triggered. You can keep your home looking occupied when you are away by turning on and off the lights remotely.
  • Gain insights on home management: STITCH app provides a log and history of your events such as when the door was opened or closed or when motion was detected at the front door. Some devices even provide energy consumption of how much power your appliances have used.
  • Automation: Most devices allows you to set a schedule for your devices to turn on or off. Once a schedule is created, devices such as your light bulb will turn on at the precise time and day programmed to your needs. Include the device to a scene to automate actions to simplify your daily routines.
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