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How to Choose PIP (Picture in Picture) for 49-inch Monitor

  • Locate the On Screen Display for the Monitor by pressing the (M) Menu button on the left of the Monitors control panel.
  • Locate the Multi Window submenu by pressing the (M) once again.
  • Select “Sub Win2 input” and choose the secondary input being used from the source (HDMI 1, 2).
  • Once selected, the monitor will display 2 screens on each side of the monitor.

Please Note:  It is also recommended to adjust the screen resolution, as the change alone will not utilize the monitors Full-Half Screen.

  • Right click on the screen and open Display settings, you will now select the resolution as the Half-resolution of the monitor (Our 49-inch monitor is 3840 x 1080p, so half would be 1920 x 1080).  Half Monitor refers to the horizontal pixel count.
  • Change the resolution, this will be done two times (120Hz – 60Hz – 120Hz) This is so the graphics card can recognize the monitor’s resolution. Once done, the monitor should now have two full Half-screens.

Note. Resolution changes may need to be done in the graphics card driver application also.

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