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There is streaking or spots on the printouts or quality of the printout is poor from the toner. How can I fix it?

There could be particles that settle on the imaging unit during the manufacturing process or during transportation that causes occasional light streaking or spots. These issues typically clear up after a few printouts.

One step to try is running the printer through a cleaning cycle before printing. Run the printer through a full cleaning cycle (consult your printer's manual if necessary).

Should that not work, please try the following:

  1. Turn the power off to the machine. 
  2. Remove the cartridge and gently turn the cartridge side to side 2-3 times to evenly distribute the toner. 
  3. Turn the power on to the machine and allow it to restart normally. 
  4. Print out about 10-20 pages of text or images from the printer.

The streaking and spots should clear up at that point.

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