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How do I calibrate the print bed on my Mini 3D Printer?

Calibration is one of the most important steps to a 3D print. If your bed is not level, the print itself will not come out level and will run into issues. To calibrate the print bed on your Mini 3D printer:

  • First power on and "home" the printer. Homing the printer means putting the printer in the starting position (or front left of the bed). This setting will be under the MoveĀ section as Home Axis.
  • After the printer has moved to the home location, power off the printer.
  • You should now be able to freely move the X-axis of the printer head as well as the Y-axis of the print bed. Move the printer head to each corner of the bed and make sure that a single piece of standard printer paper can slide between the bed and the nozzle with just a small amount of friction.
  • If the paper can't slide underneath the nozzle or if it does so without any resistance, adjust the height by using the included hex wrench to turn the screws at each corner of the platform. Turning the screws clockwise will lower the platform while turning them counterclockwise will raise it. We recommend checking each corner as well as between the corners and the center of the bed until the height is correct at all points of the platform.
  • Once your printer is calibrated, try printing a small, simple model such as a calibration cube to make sure the printer can put down a first layer and that the other layers stay even.
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