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Clogging is a common occurrence with any 3D printer and will happen over time. However, there are steps to take that can prevent it from happening further. Here are a few examples of what causes clogging and how to prevent it:

  • The most common cause of clogging is incorrect nozzle height from the bed, usually when the nozzle is to close. Ensure that the nozzle height is correct during the leveling process. If the nozzle is too close to the bed filament will have nowhere to go, becoming squished on the build surface and back into the nozzle. Please see our video on proper leveling technique for reference.

  • Incorrect nozzle temperature can also cause this issue. If unsure what temperature your filament should be set to, the correct temperatures can usually be found on the side of the spool your filament is on. For example, PLA is typically around 195 to 205 Degrees Celsius.

  • Leaving filament in the printer for longer than usual between prints can cause issues with clogging. It is always recommended to remove your filament from the printer if you do not plan on printing immediately after finishing a print. Cooling filament can expand in the nozzle and cause blockage. This may not occur after your first print but over time it will begin to cause issues. Always remove filament after printing.

  • Most of the printers available from Monoprice are capable of printing with various types of filament such as PLA, ABS and more. However, switching from one type to another can leave behind residues that will affect the interior of the nozzle. For example, switching from PLA to ABS will cause a build up and then a clog. It is suggested that you thoroughly clean the nozzle of your printer before changing filaments. Please our video on how do clean and unclog the nozzle for reference.

  • Dust and Dirt is also a common cause of filament issues with most printers. Ensuring that the printer and the opening for the filament is free of dust and dirt will extend the life of the printer.

  • Lastly, the stock nozzles on most of Monoprice’s printers are standard brass which is weaker than hardened steel or other types of nozzles. They can become bent, or warped over time and can cause under extrusion if not taken care of properly. This can be caused by the nozzle being too close to the bed, use of abrasive filaments like wood or carbon infused filament or wear and tear.  
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