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How do I troubleshoot my Ethernet Over Power Installation?

If your Power over Ethernet adapters are not working they may not be synchronizing correctly. Follow the steps outlined below to get the adapters to synchronize:

1) Connected the receiver to any outlet close to the base, preferably within arms reach unless another person is available to assist with synchronization, and then attached it to a device such as a PC or laptop to be able to verify the ethernet connection once synced.

2) Have another person press the security button on the base while the security button on the receiver is pressed at the same time.

3) Once the lights on both units flashed and come back on simultaneously press the security buttons again for 3 seconds as suggested in the set-up instructions.
4) Then confirm the PC or laptop is connected to the internet.

5) Shutdown the PC or laptop, disconnected the receiver and unplug the unit from the wall.

6) Take the receiver unit to the desired end location and plug it into the outlet (Do not try to re-synch, just plug it in.)

7) Test and verify the connection is still established by using a PC or laptop to connect to the internet from the receiver unit in the new location. Once the connection is verified you are synchronized and set up.
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