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What are the specifications of our guitars?

"Route 66" guitar neck.

  • The width at the nut - The nut width is 43 mm
  • The width of the neck at the base – 56.8 mm
  • The radius of the fretboardboard – Between 14” & 15” but closer to 14”
  • Mounting of the neck to the body (wood screws or metal inserts) - metal
  • Nut material (plastic or bone), etc. - plastic

Cal Classic:

  • Fretboard radius: Approximately 14”
  • Fret wire size: 2.4 mm
  • Pickup routing configuration in the body: 5-position switch fir 1st position; 1st & 2nd position; 2nd position 2nd & 3rd position; 3rd position
  • Nut width: 42 mm. String spacing at the bridge: The distance from the 1st string to the 6th is 51.5 mm, so the distance between strings is about a hair over 10 mm.
  • Neck thickness at nut, 12th fret: 41.5 mm @ nut;  53mm @ 12th fret

Specific Customer Questions for Both Types of Guitars:

  • The tuners or machineheads are chrome and “filled-in”
  • Fretboards are Rosewood

Retro vision guitars:

  • Fretboard radius: Approximately 14”
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