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Can I connect VGA directly to Composite or S-Video?

VGA is a high resolution signal capable of producing analog images that are on par with HD. The signal is transmitted in a format also known as RGBHV where the red, green, blue, horizontal sync and vertical sync signals are all carried separately on dedicated lines within the cable.
Standard definition signal like composite and svideo are only capable of transmitting a 480i signal and is transmitted in a combined signal using only one or two video elements.

You cannot directly connect VGA to composite or svideo since they are two completely different and incompatible signals. However, you can use a converter like PID# 4724 or 4722 to actively convert between these types of signals. However, since the devices will need to rescale the picture from high definition to standard definition or visa versa, the image quality will not be as sharp as going from HD to HD. Therefore, these types of conversions may be fine for watching low resolution streaming videos, but they are not suitable for applications like word processing or spreadsheets where the poor image quality makes it difficult or impossible to read text.
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